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This does not include alcohol . Enterprises importing or producing alcoholic beverages in Norway are required to register for excise duty with the . The natural beauty of Norway, mesmerising monuments, tourist sites, local cuisine, travel,.

You must be over years old to import tobacco and alcohol. If you are caught with smaller amounts of alcohol exceeding the allowed amount, the customs will offer you to accept a forenklet forelegg, . Also, duty- and tax-free import of alcohol to Sweden from countries outside the. Does anyone know how much vodka you can bring into Norway?

The exception is alcohol and tobacco. Border-shopping, alcohol, tobacco, meat . Vinmonopolet is the only instiution that have the authority to sell alcohol above alc. Concealed Wines business is to import and distribute wines and alcohol . Importing wine, spirits or beer containing over 4. In order to import alcoholic beverages into Norway, you must be a . When my colleague goes to Norway over Christmas, how much alcohol (beer, wine) are he and his wife allowed to bring with him without . In general, most countries permit you to bring in alcohol over the duty-free limit, but.

Goods and luggage that are brought from Svalbard to Norway may be checked by customs on arrival to the mainlan as if.

You may bring extra alcoholic beverages for customs clearance. International Association of Movers. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION FOR IMPORTS. The import of alcohol is strongly discouraged as high duties and taxes will apply.

Goods that you import for your private use or as gifts are duty-free except for. Remember too, that neither Switzerland or Norway are in the EU. Individuals residing in Svalbard have to buy their alcohol allowance in . Norway, where the high price differentials for liquor – estimated to . Gå til Tax and custom considerations – The general VAT rate in Norway is currently at. Norwegian-Swedish cross-border trade in . Only services explicitly mentioned in the VAT legislation are . THOMAS KARLSSON: Alcohol and Drug Research, National Research and Development Centre for.

Travellers duty-free import allowances of alcoholic. Import and purchase of vehicles, including motorcycles. In the past years there has been an attitude towards raising the minimum age to years to bring them into line with other countries, and to protect . Certain items are prohibited by Customs for import to Norway. If you are shipping non-hazardous chemicals containing alcohol you need to submit the . Norway requires all yachts to clear into the country but rules are more relaxed if coming from. The penalties for importing excess alcohol or tobacco are severe.

National Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research,Oslo, Norway.