Zalto burgundy

For powerful and expressive wines above alcohol. The shape of the bowl integrates the components of the wine, bringing to the foreground the fruit and . The innovative shape of the bowl maximizes the surface area of .

The finest Burgundy shaped glass that we sell. Which wine glasses are the cool kids coveting these days? For structure elegant red and white wines with depth and persistence. Perfect for Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Barolo, .

Foxes Island Luxury and Lifestyle Collection offers beautiful home and barware for inspired living. Considered the finest glassware in celebration of wine, Zalto . Accentuates balance, minerality, and aroma. Especially for: Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Chardonnay . I think they are worth the price. From the perfectly executed balance to the extraordinary design. Zalto: The Ultimate Pinot Noir Glass.

Free UK delivery on all orders over £70. A beautiful glass that adds an extra sense of elegance to those special occasions .

The Burgundy Wine glass is handmade in Austria of mouth-blown clear crystal. Hand made, non-lea good for light to medium bodied red wines. More hand blown wine glasses at . Customers Viewing This Page Might Also Like These Items.

I am confident this glass has to be my favourite wine . The wide bowl allows the wine to both breathe. Enjoy fine wine with this set of six burgundy wine glasses from Zalto. Zalto Stemware – Burgundy (pack). Pricing includes standard shipping in the continental U. Elegant and lightweight while being dishwasher safe.

We give the wine glasses names such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, . If you are not already familiar with the titan of teutonic glassware – Zalto, then now is the opportunity. Very limited production and healthy demand means these . The best Bordeaux, Burgundy and white wine glass in expert blind tasting.