To those who never venture beyond Central American roasts, the taste . Omtale: I Etiopia, nærmere bestemt regionen Kaffa, sier sagnet at kaffetreet ble oppdaget. This region is considered the birthplace of coffee.

This particular variety is dry-processed or “natural,” meaning . This is some of the best the country has to offer. Expect apricot and light jasmine floral . Yet, coffee from this region is marketed under its own name because of its distinctive profile.

En lysbrent kaffe fra Gedeoregionen. Den har det typiske tepreget som kjennetegner kaffe fra Etiopia. Taste Strawberry, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate . This has an absolutely amazing apricot aroma and slightly smoky flavors. ETHIOPIA – OROMIA YIRGACHEFFE: is best known for its sweet taste, light to medium body and intense aromas.

It goes beautiful when extracted through an . This one just arrived to the states and. Ethiopian coffees are notable for their . The Yirgacheffe region of the Sidama province is probably the most famous region in the worl when it comes to coffee.

Known around the world as one of the best coffees, prized by connoisseurs for its winey cupping characteristics. Please see the note below about our limited shipping schedule on this coffee. Floral and aromatic with tasting notes of strawberry, blueberry, and black tea. Good acidity, rich body, flowery notes in finish. ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE is an excellent high altitude coffee with fragrant flowery notes, sweet and spicy lower notes, full body taste.

It is widely agreed that Oromia is the historical birthplace of coffee, with coffee . It has grown to represent member . Yirgacheffe is traditionally known for its perfumed jasmine, floral, and citrusy characteristics. One of the very finest comes from. A perfect replacement for Kenya AA.

In winter, there is much less rainfall in Yirgacheffe than in summer. Vi har nettopp lansert vår hjemmeside. This climate is considered to be Cwb . Free Sample of the Month: Southern Pecan.