Continental 4 season

Kongen til vår- og høstsykling! Continental 4-season er designet spesielt for vår- og høstsykling. Med en spesiell gummiblanding som tåler lavere temperaturer .

We have great prices on bikes, components and clothing, as well as free . Receive FREE UK delivery and returns on all orders over £30! These tyres feel good lots of grip and surprisingly comfortable. Grand Prix 4-season er utstyrt for alle sesonger – høy punkteringsmotstand og holdbarhet preger dette sykkeldekket.

Dekkets beste egenskaper er høy . Punctured today (rear tyre) for the first time an whilst the tyre . The German tire maker positions . In the Paris-Roubaix race, the Hell of the North, cyclists . Great puncture protection for winter riding. A fast, grippy, reliable and durable tyre. Superior high mileage raod bike tire!

Free delivery on eligible orders. Thanks to its DuraSkin anti-tear fabric, the Grand Prix 4-Season holds up.

For world-class puncture resistance and adhesion in wintry, wet conditions, look no further than this light and fast . The ultimate combination of spee . Robust hele sesongen dekk med bekymring gratis punkteringsbeskyttelse og beste levetidSolid følgesv, sykkel. Combining spee grip and durability through the winter . FREE worldwide delivery available! How do you rate them for grip and puncture protection compared with continental . This all season specialist excels in tough environments that . Klik her og find den bedste pris nu! Does anybody know which way GP 4-seasons are supposed to be mounted? For all seasons, for all conditions.

Men även om däcket inte har någon imponerande . Dette dekket sitter meget godt mot underlaget når deter glatt og grusete. Un concentré de technologie pour accrocher dans des conditions extrêmes, développé pour Paris-Roubaix !